Habitat Stamp Colorado

HabitatStamp_WebHdrThe Habitat Stamp provides the core funding for the Colorado Wildlife Habitat Protection Program. Anyone applying for, or buying a hunting and fishing license in the state of Colorado, must also purchase a Habitat Stamp. One stamp is good for the entire season. Habitat loss is one of the leading issues impacting the survival of fish and wildlife for future generations.

Reasons To Support The Habitat Stamp

Since 2006, the Colorado Wildlife Habitat Stamp has grown into one of our state’s most important conservation programs and has:

  • Conserved 173, 864 acres of key wildlife habitat
  • Secured 78, 693 acres of new public access
  • Opened 25.85 miles of new fishing access
  • Protected more than 100, 000 acres of big game winter range/migration
  • Helped landowners remain in farming and ranching
  • Protected a wide range of important lands
  • Saved critical habitat for imperiled species like the sage grouse
  • Established a way to raise funds from hunters and anglers who also care about Colorado
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