Colorado Trophies

archery deerEarly in the season we hunt mule deer in their summer range. As the deer migrate down, we'll hunt our lower ranches. Our success on trophy mules is exceptional, with several bucks over 25" taken every year. We conduct drives, walk, and set points where the game will cross. Success ratios over 90% are common.

Archery deer
This hunt takes place in the mule deer's summer range, at altitudes from 7, 000 to 11, 500 feet. We hunt from tree stands as well as spot and stalk, depending upon the weather conditions.

Muzzleloader deer
This is much like our archery hunts, with one major exception: a muzzleloader can shoot a lot farther than a bow. This is an ideal for those who don't like to hunt with a bow but enjoy being in the woods at this delightful time of year.muzzleloader deer Muzzleloader permits are by draw only, with the application deadline in early April.

Rifle deer

Depending upon the season and weather conditions, we will hunt from the deer's high summer ranges down to our lower ranches. Typically, Colorado Trophies produces over 90% success, with several mule deer in the 25" to 30" range taken by our hunters.

Colorado D.O.W. point restrictions and limited drawings over the past several years have helped our elk herd grow to over 230, 000 animals. With our hunting units consistently producing among the top in the state, your chances of bagging a representative elk are very good. Each year our hunters take several 6 x 6 bulls, some in the 300 range. Our success ratio normally exceeds 70%. We tailor hunts specifically to the needs of the archer, muzzleloader, or rifle hunter.

Archery elk
To bugle in a wild-eyed bull within shooting distance is one of the world's greatest hunting thrills. We hunt from tree stands over water holes and on game trails, and bugle them during the rut. It helps to be in good shape for this hunt. We have had great success with our archers, typically achieving 80% opportunity and 30% + kill rates.

Bull Elk bull elk Bull Elk
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