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Expansion of Solar Shingles Offering Could Power Almost 1, 100 New Homes

Brookfield Residential of Colorado and Dow Solar, a business of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW), are proud to announce a significant expansion that will allow homebuyers to purchase new homes with DOW POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles in every quadrant of the Metro Denver-area. Brookfield, which began including the award-winning integrated solar roofing with all new homes in their Midtown at Clear Creek community in spring 2013, will now offer POWERHOUSE™ at the Brighton Crossing community in Brighton, Colo.; the Solterra community in Lakewood, Colo.; and the Tallyn’s Reach community in Aurora, Colo.. Midtown will also see a significant expansion of POWERHOUSE™ homes under the newly announced initiative.

With the intended expansion could come almost 1, 100 new Colorado homes with DOW POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles over the next five years, according to Brookfield’s build-out plans. Colorado has emerged as a key state for Dow Solar since the company launched POWERHOUSE™ there in January 2012. Colorado was the first state in which the revolutionary new solar roofing technology became available to homeowners. Today, the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association showcased the benefits of incorporating solar energy on new homes at an event at Midtown at Clear Creek, which highlighted Brookfield Residential’s homes. Taylor Henderson, North America Commercial Executive for Dow Solar, presented remarks as a featured speaker of the event, praising the forward-thinking mentality of Brookfield Residential in bringing value to their customers with Solar Shingles.

“The Dow Solar team couldn’t be more excited to grow our partnership with Brookfield Residential in Colorado to offer even more Coloradans the opportunity to turn their new roofs into appreciating DOW POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle roofs, ” said Taylor Henderson. “Now Coloradans can choose well-designed, terrific quality Brookfield Residential homes to match their sophisticated lifestyles and reduce their home operating costs while putting money back in their pockets.”

Taylor also applauded Brookfield Residential’s decision to select a solar product manufactured in the United States.

Perry Cadman, Brookfield’s vice president-housing, said at the COSEIA event that solar products add clear value to a new home; and the industry needs to help make it as easy, convenient and affordable as possible for homeowners to have access to the technology.

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