Boller & Chivens telescopeIn addition to the Eastern Iowa Observatory and Learning Center facility, which was completed in 2008, the observatory features two other buildings on the grounds that house permanently mounted telescopes.

The domed building, which was the original structure on the grounds, houses a 1970s-era Celestron classical cassegrain telescope with a 16-inch mirror. This rare telescope was generously donated by The University of Iowa through the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Across the sidewalk from the 16-inch telescope is a wooden building with a roll-off roof that houses a refracting telescope with a 6-inch lens, the CAA's 14-inch Celestron Edge HD computer controlled telescope and several portable telescopes.


  • The observatory is located on the southern edge of Palisades State Park at 1365 Ivanhoe Road. The facility is approximately 15 miles southeast of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • Watch out for deer!

Electricity is supplied to all buildings and an illuminated walkway leads from the parking lot to the buildings and observing pads (also supplied with electrical power.)

Observatory issues and comments may be directed to the Director: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The EIOLC facility is home to a 16-inch Meade imaging telescope and a superb 24-inch Boller & Chivens classical cassegrain telescope that was graciously donated by The University of Iowa through the efforts of Professor Steven Spangler and others in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. This telescope was refurbished and upgraded by members of the Cedar Amateur Astronomers and has been in service since early 2008 for public night events and group visits to the observatory.

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