Beaver Creek Outfitters

My name is Paul Ritchey, and I, along with my wife Starla, are owners of Beaver Creek Outfitting. I have been a guide for most of my life, working around the state with different outfitters, so I know what is out there.

My passion is hunting, since I have been a pup, toting along behind my dad in the mountains of Montana, enjoying every minute of it. I feel I have what it takes to provide hunters with the right hunting area and the right equipment to make the hunt safe. I have the ability to provide the best opportunity for a hunter to be successful taking a trophy game animal, in an enjoyable environment.

I also like the Lost Fork area because I am able to provide a quality hunt for folks who aren't in the prime of their life anymore. It is a fact that folks who can afford this type of hunt are generally retired and aren't interested in scaling Mt. Everest or breaking roughstock horses. Although, if you like a challenge in rugged country we can accommodate!

Another area that, in my opinion, gets overlooked in a lot of outfits is the quality of guides that are hired. I'm committed to hiring the best possible guides I can get. Being a guide myself for years, I know what it takes to be successful. I look for the same qualities in the guides I hire.

Although Clayton, the previous owner, has sold the business, his love for outfitting remains. He is willing to help out during the hunting season and be in camp when needed. He loves to share his experiences, telling hunting stories from years past. Truly a colorful individual who is a pleasure to have with us.

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