Prairie Dog hunting in Colorado

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Trying to decide between prairie dog hunting in Kansas or Colorado? Let us help!

The only thing Colorado has on Kansas when it comes to prairie dog hunting is a $72.50 hunting license. One big difference between Colorado and Kansas when it comes to prairie dog hunting is the number of prairie dogs. There are so many prairie dogs in Kansas that the State has a State Park named for these animals.

Kansas is centrally located and as a result closer to most East Coast States. In addition, our land is only 30 minutes from the airport. If you go to Colorado to hunt prairie dogs you can expect a much longer car comute to and from the airport.

Weather is far more favorable in Kansas during the early months of prairie dog hunting season because it is not as cold and no snow. That means you will not need additional cold weather gear or clothing like you will in Colorado.

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Prairie Dog Hunting
Prairie Dog Hunting
Prairie Dogs in Colorado
Prairie Dogs in Colorado
Prairie dog hunting in Colorado
Prairie dog hunting in Colorado

Popular Q&A

Where the best place to hunt prairie dogs in Arizona.

I'm sorry but I couldn't locate any good and well-known prairie hunting areas in Arizona. Would you like areas in other states?

Where to prairie dog hunt? | Yahoo Answers

Not sure you will find any that close to central Iowa! There are plenty out in South Dakota but you really don't hunt them! To ranchers they can be a problem and many will let you shoot all you want!

are there any good places to hunt prairie dogs around fort collins colorado? | Yahoo Answers

City officials are recommending eliminating prairie dogs from portions of four natural areas in south Fort Collins:
> Colina Mariposa - 206 total acres, of which 116 have prairie dogs. Ten to 15 acres would be treated.
> Hazaleus - 163 total acres; all 83 acres with prairie dogs would be treated.
> Fossil Creek Wetlands - 220 total acres with 94 carrying prairie dogs. About 70 acres would be treated.
> Prairie Dog Meadow - 84 total acres; of the 34 acres with prairie dogs, 26 would be treated.
Contact the local department of wildlife for more information.

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