Colorado fishing license Cost

Colorado River - you need a Colorado fishing license from Minturn Anglers to fish itA Colorado fishing license gives you access to the fly fisher’s dream:

  • 6, 000 miles of spectacular rivers and streams
  • More than 2, 000 reservoirs and lakes
  • More than 35 species of fish
  • Trophy size rainbow trout, brown trout, largemouth bass, yellow perch and walleye pike

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission (CPW) handles Colorado fishing licenses and administers all regulations for the sport across the state. Their mission is to protect wildlife and wildlife habitats now and for future generations. Money collected from license fees is used to maintain hatcheries and stocking programs, studies for conservation and disease prevention, as well as programs to encourage more women and children to take up the sport. Regular fees also include a $0.25 search and rescue fee, and a $0.75 fee for the Wildlife Council.

When Do You Need a Fishing License?

The first full weekend in June is a free weekend when anybody can fish without a fishing license in Colorado. At all other times, a fishing license is required for anyone who is 16 or older who fishes in the state. A license is good for a full year, from April 1 to March 31 of the next year.

Colorado Fishing License Cost

There are different costs for residents and non-residents of the state. With some exceptions, each person must also purchase a $10 Habitat Stamp along with their fishing license. These funds are used to operate the Colorado Wildlife Habitat Protection Program.

  • Resident Colorado Fishing License Cost

Residents of Colorado who have lived in the state for at least 6 months, documented by a valid Colorado driver’s license or other verifiable ID, pay according to the following fee structure:

  1. 1 day fishing – $9
  2. Additional day fishing – $5
  3. Annual fee (ages 16-63) – $26
  4. Senior fee (64 and older) – $1
  5. Second rod stamp – $5 (This applies if you intend to have two lines in the water at the same time.)
  6. Habitat Stamp – $10 (Persons buying a 1 day or additional day license only pay the Habitat Stamp fee if they purchase a third similar license.)

There are some exceptions for resident licenses:

  1. Colorado residents on active duty with Armed Forces out of state can fish free for 30 days while on temporary leave
  2. Disability licenses can be obtained by special application from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission
  • Non-Resident Colorado Fishing License

Visitors to the state will have to provide their name and address as well as some personal information. They will have to specify the kind of license wanted, and indicate whether they plan on having more than one line in the water at a time. The fee structure is:

  1. 1 day license – $9
  2. 5 day license – $21
  3. Additional day – $5
  4. Annual fee – $56
  5. Second rod stamp – $5
  6. Habitat Stamp – $10 (Persons buying 1 day or additional day licenses are only charged the Habitat stamp fee after they buy a third similar license.)

Where to Buy Your License

However, many anglers find it simpler to drop in to one of the many license agents throughout the state to pick up the necessary license in person. This can be done at sporting goods stores or fly fishing shops such as Minturn Anglers located conveniently in Denver, Minturn and Vail.

There are two good reasons to buy your next Colorado fishing license from the knowledgeable staff at Minturn Anglers ( Minturn, Vail or Parker/Denver). They will make sure you:

  • Have the right kind of license for legal fishing in the state
  • Understand the most up to date regulations, conditions and restrictions for fishing specific waters as these can change from year to year as part of CPW’s ongoing effort to protect fish populations
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