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Fishing on OSMPOSMP provides a variety of different opportunities for anglers: lakes and ponds hold bass and bluegill, while South Boulder Creek is home to trout. Please follow these rules and suggestions to protect our resources and keep the fishing experience great for everyone.

Anglers' Responsibilities

  • Always check the trailhead regulation board before you fish for any rule changes or seasonal updates.
  • A standard fishing license only allows you to fish with one line at a time. To fish with a second line, you must purchase an additional second rod stamp with your license for $5. Fishing with more than two lines is illegal (this includes having any additional fishing lines in the water, even if the fishing line is not attached to a fishing rod).
  • Swimming is not allowed in any of OSMP’s bodies of water. Wading into ponds and lakes is prohibited at KOA Lake, Wonderland Lake, and Boulder Valley Ranch Reservoir. You may wade into creeks.
  • All of the fishing along Boulder Creek (but not South Boulder Creek) is “catch and release.”
  • Size and bag limits apply for some fish: minimum size for both smallmouth and largemouth bass is 15 inches, daily possession limit is five; you are only allowed one Tiger Muskie (formerly stocked in Teller Lake #5) and it must be 36 inches or longer.
  • Please note that you may not set up shelters or structures when ice fishing. Colorado’s winter temperatures fluctuate quickly – it is your responsibility to make sure the ice is thick enough to support your weight.
  • Please familiarize yourself with other OSMP rules and regulations regarding dogs, fire arms, area closures etc. Regulations may change seasonally or from place to place, so always check trailhead postings for local rules.

Low-impact Fishing Protects the Resource

To preserve our fishing resources and ensure fishing enjoyment for other visitors, OSMP encourages the catch and release ethic. Please do your part and consider releasing all fish caught. To help released fish survive, return them to the water immediately. Live bait is prohibited in most of the Sawhill Ponds and Boulder Creek to help released fish survive. Artificial lures cause less damage to a fish’s mouth and are less likely to be swallowed. Please check local regulations before fishing. Learn the gentle art of releasing a fish so that it will survive the trauma of capture. This way, the fish may survive to breed, and will help keep our fishing resources plentiful.

Please do not litter on OSMP. Trash often kills wildlife when they try to eat it, or become tangled in it. Fishing line is especially deadly to wild animals – please take all your discarded line with you! Litter spoils the scenery at our ponds and creeks. Leaving litter is illegal and could result in a summons and a stiff fine. Please pick up any plastic trash you find - even if it isn't yours. You might save an animal's life.

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Popular Q&A

How much is a Colorado fishing license.

The Colorado Wildlife Habitat Stamp (for $10.25 per individual) for the fishing license. on!

What is the legal age for a required fishing license in Colorado.

A person aged 12 to 15 can get a license with parental permission. Otherwise, you must be 16 or older to get a fishing license. No need to fear,'s here!

How do you get e license online for fishing.

You don't get a license on a line you get a fishing license and you can get one at a gas station for 20$.

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