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We get so many questions here at enquiring about fishing in the Denver area - and not just stream fishing either! So, we've compiled a list of some Denver area lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and streams with links to information about fishing these areas. Also, ask at your favorite flyshop or store for info on where to fish in the Denver area. Colorado Parks and Wildlife gives reports on many of these areas weekly (during the summer) - click here to see CPW's online reports.

The good news is that CPW will be stocking Denver area lakes and reservoirs with more fish than ever before. Changes in regulations on stocking were enacted because of whirling disease. Many of the higher-elevation waters will be stocked far less than before, or not stocked at all, with the excess fish being placed in Front Range waters.

There are many opportunities for fishing in and near Denver, more than we've listed here. And, the Colorado Division of Wildlife plans to open up more waters to anglers in the near future, including lakes and creeks in Denver, Golden, Brighton and Sedalia.

Lakes and Reservoirs

Most lakes and reservoirs in the Denver area are managed by one of the following agencies - Bureau of Reclamation, city governments, Denver Parks, Colorado State Parks. You can get more information about these various areas by clicking on the link (name) of the place you are interested in.

evergreen lake, Colorado Evergreen Lake

Since the Denver area waters are moderate in temperature, most hold both cold and warm water species. The table below shows the type of fish by abbreviation - we have listed just some of the species available in these areas:
T = Trout (mostly rainbows, stocked)
P = Perch
SB = Smallmouth Bass
LB = Largemouth Bass
TM = Tiger Muskie
C = Crappies
W = Walleye

T, P, W, P, C, LB 1 mi east of Gun Club Rd on Quincy T, SB, LB, TM, P 1-76 and Bromley Ln T, SB, TM Morrison Rd E. of C-470 Berkeley Lake T, C, LB 1-70 @ Sheridan Centennial Park Lake T, SB, LB, C S. Federal between Oxford and Belleview T, P, TM, LB, C C-470 & Wadsworth T, W, C, TM, LB I-225 & Parker Rd T, TM downtown Evergreen - Hwy 74 Jim Baker Reservoir T, SB, LB, TM, C S. of 64th and Lowell P, SB, TM 17900 E. Quincy C, LB, T W. 46th between Federal & Lowell T, P W. 26th Ave. and Stuart St. T, W, SB, P 88th & Kipling T, LB, P, C S. Downing @ W. Louisiana Webster Lake T, LB, P, C 117th and Washington T, P, LB Sheridan & 104th

Rivers and Streams

For stream fishing, you need to travel west into the foothills. Watch for private property - there is good access on these rivers and stream; private property is usually well-marked. Many of these streams are great for flyfishing. Please practice catch and release and preserve the fish for another time.

Resources/Other Info:

Click here to buy an Ebook about Trout fishing on Colorado State lands - includes info about some Denver area State Parks and State Wildlife Areas.

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