What is a hunting tag?

Except for deer killed by MLD permit, LAMPS permit, TPWD Special Drawn Legal Deer Tag, U.S. Forest Service antlerless permit, or Big Time Texas Hunt, all deer must be tagged IMMEDIATELY upon kill in a secure manner anywhere on the deer, with an appropriate license tag with the month and date CUT OUT.

Filling Out the Tag for Attaching to Deer

If required, the tag from the hunting license of the person who killed the deer must be correctly and legibly completed (including name of property and county) and must:

  • be used on a specific type of deer (for example, buck tags must be used only on buck deer, antlerless tags on antlerless deer, etc.).
  • have the month and date of kill CUT OUT.

It is against the law to use:

  • a tag taken from the license of another person or allow your tag to be used by another person.
  • a tag more than one time (or on more than one deer).
  • an incorrect tag on a deer (example: mule deer tag used on a white-tailed deer, etc.).

Where to Attach Tag to Deer

The hunting license tag may be attached anywhere on a deer so that it is not damaged, defaced or lost in transporting or handling. The appropriate tag or applicable permit must remain attached to the deer until the animal reaches its final destination and is quartered. If the head is severed from the carcass (body), then the appropriate tag and any applicable permits must remain attached to the carcass. See . If the head does not accompany the carcass, then the head must be accompanied by a Wildlife Resource Document (WRD).

Tip: Remember that if the head and the carcass are separated, the tag from the hunting license goes with the carcass and the WRD goes with the head.

Tagging Options

There are tag numbers printed on each tag.

Important Information about Tag Numbers

Tags #5 and #6:For white-tailed antlerless deer onlyTags #7, #8 and #9:For white-tailed buck or antlerless deer

Buck tags may be used in any county. However, lack of careful planning with tags #7, #8 and #9 may reduce the number of white-tailed buck deer you may lawfully take.

Read the tag use description on your license carefully before attaching to harvested deer.

Use on White-tailed Deer Only

Tag Number 5:White-tailed Deer - Antlerless ONLYTag Number 6:White-tailed Deer - Antlerless ONLYTag Number 7:White-tailed Deer - Buck or AntlerlessTag Number 8:White-tailed Deer - Buck or AntlerlessTag Number 9:White-tailed Deer - Buck or Antlerless

NOTE: The white-tailed deer tags on the license may be used in any county during an open season for white-tailed deer.

Hunting License Harvest Log for White-tailed Deer

(on back of license):


Immediately upon kill of a white-tailed deer the hunter must complete the log, in ink, on the back of the hunting license. Failure to complete the log as required may result in a fine not to exceed $500 for each deer improperly logged. Asterisks indicate bucks with an inside main beam spread of at least 13 inches.

Completion of the log is not required for mule deer, or for white-tailed deer lawfully taken under a MLD permit, LAMPS permit, TPWD Special Drawn Public Hunt permit, U.S. Forest Service antlerless permit or on a Big Time Texas Hunt.

Use on Mule Deer Only

Tag Number 10Mule Deer - Antlerless OnlyValid ONLY during archery-only special season in Brewster, Pecos, or Terrell countiesTag Number 11Mule Deer - Buck or AntlerlessValid for buck deer in any county during any open mule deer season AND for antlerless deer during archery-only special season in Brewster, Pecos, or Terrell counties

NOTE: The mule deer tags on the hunting license are not mule deer permits and may not be used in lieu of mule deer permits when mule deer permits are required.

White-tailed Deer Harvest Restrictions

MANAGED LANDS DEER (MLD) PERMITS: Permits issued to landowners with a TPWD-approved Wildlife Management Plan. MLD permits allow hunters, at the discretion of the landowner or agent, to exceed the county bag limit and (in some cases) to hunt during an extended season. All deer taken on a property for which MLD permits have been issued must be tagged with the appropriate type of MLD permit. NOTE: No license log entry or tag from a hunting license is required for deer killed under a MLD permit (see license log requirement above). For more information about Wildlife Management Plans, landowners should call TPWD at (512) 389-4505.

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