Archery Elk hunting In Colorado

Archery elk hunting with H&H Outfitting is out of this world! Our extraordinary private ranches are located in the center of one of the largest elk herds in Colorado.

Our hunters experience close to a 100% shot opportunity on legal bulls. The Colorado Division of Wildlife has a four point antler restriction (4 points or better on one side) for legal bulls. This has been in play since 1985, which has had a dramatic effect on the bull to cow ratios as well as the overall antler size. This limit, coupled with good hunting and grazing management allows our smaller bulls to live longer, obtaining optimal antler growth. The tags are private land archery either sex elk licenses that can be purchased over the counter, so there is no hassle with license applications.

Our GMUs are not considered trophy areas, however, we are enjoying a better quality of bulls than in the past. Because of the aforementioned factors, we are seeing and harvesting more mature bulls. Many of these bulls are estimated to score in the high 290's to low 300's with several reaching the 340 mark. Our elk numbers are staggering and it is not uncommon to see several hundred elk daily. In a typical 5 day hunt, our hunters experience several opportunities at legal bulls. When timing is right, you might hear up to a dozen different bulls bugling in a single morning, quite amazing if you speak the language. Unfortunately, similar to fishing, the big one always gets away! We have pursued several incredible bulls in the past couple of years, fortunately for them, they are still spreading their great genes.

While pursuing elk with a bow you will be asked to be in good physical condition. Your mobility will greatly increase your chances of being "in the elk." You might be asked to walk several miles daily at elevations ranging from 7000 to 9400 feet. We will typically be more mobile than stationary and do not hunt from tree stands. We will use different calling techniques when suitable - from cow calls to bugles. Spot and stalk is our favorite early in the day; while the late afternoon hunt will typically be spent sitting on water holes or wallows.

You should be proficient with your bow and comfortable with shots up to 40 yards. We work hard to achieve close shots but your abilities will enhance your odds of harvesting an animal.

Archery hunting is something every true sportsman should try at least once in their lifetime, the proximity to the animals will stand your hair on end and hearing the elk "talk" is something every person should experience.

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Colorado Archery Elk Hunt
Colorado Archery Elk Hunt

Popular Q&A

What is the opening and closing dates for archery elk hunting in Colorado for the 2009 season

The 2009 CO archery opening dates range from 8/1 to 12/1 and closings range from 8/16 to 12/31 depending on the location.

When is Archery Elk hunting season in Colorado for 2012?

The Archery Elk Hunting Season in CO for 2012 is August 25 to September 23. For 2013 it's August 24 to September 22.

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