Private Ranch Elk hunts Colorado

Elk Hunting in Colorado at Fisher MesaWe have tags for these elk hunts for Colorado’s 1st rifle elk season as well as the 2nd rifle season.

  • 1st Rifle Season: You will see bulls with and without cows as they are coming to the end of the rut. However, they are usually more responsive to the calls. Expect to do a lot of stalking and some sitting during this season. The 1st rifle season has a slightly higher opportunity rate.
  • 2nd Rifle Season: The rut is winding down now, but you will still hear a few bugles. This hunt is mostly spot-and-stalk, but you may do some sitting.
Travel to Colorado:

Most of our hunters fly to Denver or Colorado Springs, then rent a car to get to the ranch. Once you arrive, travel will be by pickup trucks, side-by-sides and walking.

Colorado Elk Hunting License and Tags:

Licenses and tags for this hunt are guaranteed, over-the-counter and can be purchased locally upon your arrival. Visit for prices and more information.

Lodging and Accommodations:

You will be staying in a modern three bedroom cabin with two bathrooms/showers. Meals will be served in the main Lodge.

Home cooked meals are provided with the exception of some lunches that may be in the field (bag lunch) or sandwiches at the lodge. Snacks such as energy bars, candy bars, chips, cookies, etc.. are provided. Bottled water is provided in your cabin and for your hunting pack.

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hunting elk in new mexico, when do the elk start bulging in unit 15? | Yahoo Answers

Mid to Late September and yes I believe there maybe some 400 class bulls

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