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In general, there are two time periods where hunting and trapping are permitted in state parks. The hunting and trapping seasons that occur within the time periods below are permitted in the open areas of the park properties. Some parks and trails have weapons restrictions, variances in season dates, or are closed or have areas closed to hunting and trapping. For questions on specific parks, check with the park office and consult the park’s hunting map for specific dates and allowable activities.

  • Fall/Winter: Gun and archery hunting and trapping are allowed in the open areas of the property during the open season from Nov. 15 - Dec. 15., except that hunting with legal archery methods is allowed through the Sunday nearest Jan. 6.
  • Spring: Gun and archery hunting and limited trapping are allowed in the open areas of the property from April 1 through the Tuesday nearest May 3.

There are a few exceptions to these season dates for Buckhorn, Big Bay, Blue Mound, Governor Dodge, Rock Island and Tower Hill state parks.

The time frame for state parks does not apply to state forests, state recreation areas or other DNR properties. Wisconsin State Park lands includes state parks, state trails, state ice age trail areas (SIATAs) and north country trail areas (NCTAs).

Most Wisconsin state parks will have some areas open to hunting and trapping during the Wisconsin state parks hunting time frame. All hunting and trapping licenses apply. A state park vehicle admission sticker is required for all vehicles in a state park.

Due to property size, proximity to urban or residential areas, environmental sensibility and other factors, some state park properties do not allow hunting or trapping. Some state parks that receive heavy year-round use only allow archery or muzzleloader hunting. Please contact the park office where you wish to hunt or trap with specific questions about the opportunities within the park.

State Ice Age Trail Areas (SIATAs) are lands purchased by the DNR for the Ice Age National Scenic Trail under the authority of s. 23.09 (2) (d) 10., Stats., unless purchased as part of another department project. The primary purpose of State Ice Age Trail Areas is to permanently protect segments of the Ice Age Trail and the natural resources along it for present and future public use and enjoyment. North Country Trail Areas (NCTAs) are lands purchased by the DNR for the North Country National Scenic Trail.

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Instead of raising cattle or sheep for the consumer market, wild animals are raised for the hunters. The 'kill' is not going to waste but will be processed and consumed just like what happens to domestic animals at the abattoir. It is a controlled process and managed as opposed to random hunting and shooting on the open range.
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