Colorado Fisheries

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, CFI is on the forefront of fisheries enhancement and fishery consulting. Through biological and technological advancements, CFI has carved a niche to create, enhance, and restore first-class fisheries in the United States and the world. From river enhancements in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico to stream creation in Argentina, CFI is a leader in freshwater fishery management.

CFI President Shannon Skelton and son Tanner With an industry exclusive macroinvertebrate rearing program and gamefish producing hatchery facilities, CFI is adept in establishing diverse, world-class fisheries in ponds, lakes and streams. Through innovative management techniques and design, CFI is a full-scale fisheries management firm able to create a fishing paradise in both still water and live water environments.

As a result of the philosophies and knowledge from years of extensive research and experience, CFI understands the complexities of creating and maintaining healthy habitat in which fish and other aquatics can flourish. Research based design and management ensure a healthy ecosystem where not only fish prosper, but the overall biological integrity is preserved. From river enhancement to freshwater fishery management, CFI professionals are experts in their field.

Popular Q&A

How did everyone do with their Colorado deer and antelope draw?

Colorado uses a preference point system for pronghorn. How long it takes depends on which game unit you are trying to get, and whether you are a state resident or not. Some units, you can be pretty well assured of getting a tag the first time you apply, others (popular or trophy units) may take many years. Easy to draw tags are frequently in poor seasons or units. Most tags are reserved for residents, but can go to non-residents if not enough residents apply.

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